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Great website! Some friends suggested he perversius take a look and send in our history. Spent a week at our perversius timeshare in Portugal in August and my wife, Liz, is a waiter at the restaurant near the timeshare ass! We are both in our sixties, semi -retired, without carpets and shoes, which are both slim and active and enjoy our sex and Liz lot in the oral and anal sex, and plain old number lying and although we have not discussed with other couples who had swung and agreed perversius to try it someday ! We have known for years, restaurant owners very well and next week perversius at our timeshare is your birthday. This will be sixty years as a special birthday party for him and they were invited. Now Liz is greedy and has a 36-24-32 figure with shapely slender tanned legs (without tights) so decides, a pencil - white mini dress fitting clothes for the party, bra and thong white and, yes, white stilettos ! after aChampagne reception, a delicious lunch with countless liters of wine, we have the speeches, cards and gifts, and then out dancing at a disco in the perversius evening air, the sun is very hot the day, and more champagne we are not drunk, but they were ' happy' and in this state of mind on vacation without a care in the world ! Once they cleaned the tables, the waiters joined the party and was not before one of them Liz and dancing, and that perversius soon followed, dancing with one of the owners friends. I have not noticed, Liz, as she danced with a number of ladies and was a good 90 minutes later when I finally decided to take a break from the club 1970, when the first of the slow songs came on. I went looking for a fresh glass of wine cooling. If I had a better control on the dance floor, Liz was a slow dancing crowd of a dozen or so, and to my surprise, it was - with the waiter's arms perversius around the shoulders, abdomen firmly to him, and in a full service, in snup! I laughed ! The cheeky bitch ! Would not surprise me if he get it, I thought so ! Then it hit me - it probably would not mind either! My wife something sexy sixty forty years, has never been fucked by another man, attracts a young handsome guy ? Well, why not? I would have worried, or jealous, but I was perversius not. So when I finally stopped dancing, went to fix her makeup and hair, give me again. 'Will you take it, is not it,' she protested - ' Of course not ! ' I smiled. ' Favorite, I do not worry if you do get screwed, I think it's really great that my wife thin, attractive, sexy enough, attractive enough for a young man is ! Do it! ' She has. An hour later I was back and we have to go on our ride back to our home. She sucked me on the way back. After swallowing a perversius mouthful of my milk, I said what happened. He said the conference, a student, Bulgarian summer job in another cAvailable land near the sea. He took her in his car, hidden in the back of the parking lot of a restaurant. They have in the back. They snogged for about ten minutes before opening his pants and pulled his tail. It was huge - four inches thick with a promising action. She pulled back the foreskin and perversius fat aspirate bareheaded. Rad unzip the back of her dress and her bra untrimmed. Liz free wall of the dress and the bra and suck again. In his broken English conference, said he liked it, but do not want to cum in her mouth, at the moment. He wanted her pussy. Liz without her thong cut, cut almost completely shaved pussy show. perversius Gently touched his lips to double vertical leaked oil pussy, then slid a finger or two in, found her clit and rubbed it gently, as she snogged. Ten minutes later, it was announced - 'I'm perversius ready 'and Liz brought on herself, spread her legs and gently lowering her pussy big bike is rock hard, fat ten inches,' I felt likea bottle of one liter of winning there, ' pumped with some pride. When Liz up and down, slowly at first, the wheel caressed her breasts and kissed her nipples. then began to accelerate, and when he threw his head , eyes closed, complains a lot about a number of casualties. ' must have been another five minutes or so, bang, without warning, shot him ! Shit, had a run of gallons in the balls ! His tail perversius does not stop shooting, I could not believe it! I stood there for a long time. It was so great that for ages... I only get it, and sucked the semen of the cock. 'But Liz was not over, I wanted more involved in cycling correctly after five minutes or so of Liz kissing his cock in her mouth and took him, slowly, lovingly, tenderly -. !. That will tip who kissed licked and bit the tail while relaxing back to its total of ten inches. Then he went to work and took the tail back to the front of the mouth in the back of the throat and back. Oncand spin of the wheel began to moan and Liz knew he was ready. Liz bit heavy on the layers of meat behind the wheel head and suddenly launched his burden, three, four, five, whiplash, jets of hot cum shot all over Liz language that reaches the sides of the mouth and back of the throat. Ten minutes later, Liz stood up, pulled the bodice, and the chain of clothes and returned to the restaurant across the parking lot. In the bathroom, straightened hair, makeup and lipstick and I am, who walked arm in arm back to our car - and back to our villa. Shortly after we returned to Blighty, has been applied as a contact for a young bachelor, join us for a sexy threesome. That has not happened yet, but hopefully it will. If it works, we headed back Al and Liz
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